What we stand for

At Treat Dreams we create decadent treats where our ethics and politics are a big part of our business decisions.

We think it's important you know what we stand for so you know where to spend your hard earned dollars.


Animals aren't ours

We love animals, so we don't use them. We use products free from animals and animal derived ingredients. This means we don't don't use dairy, eggs, gelatine, carmine, cochineal or other sneaky animal derived products. We are a 100% vegan business.

We spend a lot of time perfecting our recipes to replicate the taste and mouth feel of 'traditional' recipes without the cruelty. It's why we test our recipes on non vegans first. If they can't tell the difference, it goes on our menu!

We source our chocolate from a manufacturer who also produces dairy chocolate, which means that by law, we're obliged to tell you it may contain traces of dairy. They have supplied us with technical specifications of their allergen testing and we're satisfied with the results. Thankfully some ingredient manufacturers are catching on and planning to convert their factories to be vegan accredited, which involves building a separate warehouse with no shared ducting, doors etc.


Fair for farmers

Cacao farmers deserve fair working conditions and fair prices for their labour and products. It's why we use organic + fair trade chocolate to create your treats.

It's a sad truth that many non fair trade chocolate farms have regularly been found to use poor practices such as child labour. Cacao farmers have often struggled to negotiate fair bean prices which leave their villages without funds to buy basic necessities such as water pumps.

Our luxury purchases at home aren't worth the impact they're having on farmers if this is the cost. Our society is better than this.

It's why our fair trade accredited chocolate costs us more to purchase than other options, but we believe it's more than worth it and will not compromise.


The planet

We're working to reduce our impact on the planet.

In 2017 we made the decision to focus our efforts on selling through established retail businesses. This has reduced the amount of shipping (road and air miles) and packaging (cool packs, padding and tape) associated with getting our products to you as we ship less often, in larger quantities which reduces the carbon footprint per treat in your hand.

When you buy from Australian producers, you help all of our efforts to reduce this.

We're also proud to have created custom chocolates for Sea Shepard fundraising efforts through Bonta Vera. Check out the work they do, they're pretty amazing!


Love is love

Members of the Treat Dreams family and community are also members of the LGBTIQA+ community. It's been a tough time in the lead up to the YES vote and the strength and friendship from everyone in our community has seen us through.

The survey didn't need to happen, but now that it's done we're over the moon to help couples celebrate their special days.

Treat Dreams create bespoke chocolate wedding favours / bonbonerie with colours and flavours that are all your own. Talk to us about our wedding chocolate packages, where it's all about making your day exactly the way you want it.