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International Chocolate Salon: 2022 entries

Inspiration for the Ispahan bar was drawn from the collection of pastries by Pierre Hermes influenced by the Ispahan rose.

What makes this dessert so 
exceptional is the perfectly balanced flavours; the subtle blend of rose petals with lychees, whose floral flavour enhances the rose while the sweetness contrasts wonderfully with the acidity of raspberries.

The soft cream featured in 
the original dessert is balanced with zingy raspberries all enveloped in a soft yet crunchy macaron shell that is sweet and nutty. Pierre has created and inspired hundreds of variations of this now classic flavour combination ranging from pastries to cocktails.

Our bar focuses on this balance of flavours and textures utilising freeze dried
fruits and toasted almonds. The freeze-drying process keeps the fresh flavours of
the fruits, removing only the water content, making them perfect for use in
chocolate. Crushed lychees and raspberry powder are mixed through our silky-
smooth almond based white chocolate. Layers of textures are created by adding
toasted almonds which also further enhance the flavours found in the original

Adding crushed lychees to the top of the bar allows the fruity and floral

flavour to instantly hit your palette with the first taste of the bar, enhancing the
dried rose petals whose scent you can smell on opening the packet and whose
subtle flavour lifts the bar without being overpowering.