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We're creators of vegan friendly chocolate and patisserie treats that tastes like they should.

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We're located at 114 Terry Street, Rozelle, Sydney.

Look for the green door on the corner of Wellington and Terry Streets, on the roundabout.

Visit our Contact Us page for our location map.

Our Rozelle factory outlet is available for click + collect orders by appointment through COVID.

Please add a note before checkout to let us know what day and time to expect you!

Treat Dreams
114 Terry Street, Rozelle, Sydney.

By appointment for COVID safety
Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm

Retail products
May - Jan: 24 hours notice is generally enough notice for your pick up order.
Feb - Apr: minimum 48 hours notice is needed during our busy Easter season preparations.

Celebration cakes
3 days notice, subject to availability.

Custom chocolate
2 weeks notice, subject to availability.

Visit our Contact Us page for our location map.

We're a brief 10 min / 5km drive from the city over Anzac Bridge and down Victoria Road. Just before the Iron Cove Bridge turn right onto Terry Street, then we're the building by the second roundabout.

Catch a bus from Town Hall to Victoria Road, getting off at Terry St which is the last stop before the Iron Cove Bridge. Walk 350 metres from stop to shop.

On Terry St, Wellington St and side streets. If attending a class which runs for 2 hours or more watch out for parking limits. For parking longer than 2 hours, park near Balmain Secondary School.


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Spend $75 or more for free shipping.
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Our team work quickly! When you order in the morning, we'll typically have your order sent out the same day.

So your chocolate arrives beautifully and doesn't spend the weekend in a warm warehouse, we also use area based order cut offs, to give you beautiful (not melted!) chocolate. Find out more about order cut offs for your area.

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We ship chocolate to all Australian locations, with one exception.
Due to COVID border closures and associated delivery delays, we're not delivering to Western Australia right now. For all WA orders, please consider supporting your local WA stockist

We don't currently ship internationally, however our stockist Flora & Fauna does.

Check out the full list of shipping region cut offs and ETAs.

Tracking details are sent automatically when your order is booked with our courier.

However, if you don't get your tracking number, please email our team for help.

To help us ship in the most environmentally friendly way, we keep a close eye on the weather at departure, transit and destination areas.

Regular or cooler weather
We ship your chocolate in cardboard boxes, using paper tape, tissue paper and paper padding. To help us avoid using styrofoam boxes, we will usually insulate your chocolate in foil backed bubble, and if the weather is warmer include an ice brick.

Warmer weather or longer haul shipments
We'll automatically upgrade your parcel to protect your chocolate from the elements.

If you receive a styrofoam box, please consider passing it onto another business to reuse for their own cool shipping.
If you receive a foil backed 'Chilltainer', simply place in your curbside recycling as they're made from cardboard!

Cardboxes boxes, please add to your curbside recycling.

Foil lined boxes, please add to your curbside recycling as they're made from recyclable cardboard too!

Styrofoam boxes, please help contribute to its ongoing use through: a) donating it to a store near you which ships cold products; b) using it for picnics; c) recycling it through your local styrofoam manufacturer such as Polyfoam which have locations in each state. 

Ice bricks can be soaked in water and re-frozen for use on picnics and road trips. When reusing, the outer can get sticky but this doesn't affect its freezing ability and helps the planet by extending its life. 

Bubble wrap / foil lined bubble wrap, please dispose through soft plastics recycling.

Keeping our planet and environment healthy is important to us. It's why when you choose Couriers Please or Fastway / Amarex, your order ships carbon neutral! 

Most people don't consider the environmental impact of their online shopping deliveries – just clickety-click and, like magic, it's on your doorstep. But the logistics involved generate a huge amount of CO2 - over 10% of global CO2e emissions are from transport and logistics.

Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero.

Basically, whatever CO2e you emit is cancelled out by a process known as 'offsetting' – that is, supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating precious forest or replacing old equipment with more efficient technology.

Our offset partnership supports genuinely world-changing initiatives aimed at preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems, whether it’s restoring endangered rainforest habitats or providing clean water access for communities in Africa. When you choose our standard shipping, you help ensure that our deliveries have a net carbon footprint of zero. Actually zero!

No, pastry items are available for Click + Collect only.

This is because pastry items are fragile and some require refrigeration.

By using Click + Collect instead, you'll know your treats are in the best condition when you receive them.


Yes! We're a vegan business and get a kick out of creating treats that stand up to traditional versions.

So yes that creamy, rich, decadent treat you're eating happens to also be 100% vegan, all the time, no exceptions.

In short - we love animals!

We think animal sanctuary Edgar's Mission says it best with their quote:
'If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?'

After going vegan in 2013, Lisette missed some of the classic treats she used to indulge in. So in 2015 she set about veganising them in a way that maintained the classic taste.

Our focus is maintaining the rich, decadent tastes of non vegan treats, and replacing animal ingredients with plant based ones.

Because of this focus, our taste testing starts with non vegans. If they believe it tastes the same, it goes on the menu! 

For more information about veganism check out Vegan Easy.

Yes! We're often asked how we make chocolate vegan.

Thankfully for us, chocolate is made with plants. From the cocoa beans that make up the flavour and texture of chocolate, to the sugar, vanilla and emulsifier, it's all plants! Seems you can make friend with (chocolate) salad!

Chocolate was traditionally vegan, with milk only added in the 1800s (by Swiss Daniel Peter or a large chocolate manufacturer, depending on the version of events you read!).

At Treat Dreams, we produce 100% vegan chocolates, using:
Milk and white, plant based solids (almonds) in place of dairy solids.
Dark, naturally vegan as we don't add any milk products.

No, definitely not in our case!

Our Founder Lisette started the business after finding the options for decadent chocolate weren't around. Everything seemed to be in the 'free from' everything category, including taste. So she set about creating treats that tasted like she remembered, minus the dairy. 

One bite and you'll taste the difference. It's why we're not raw, and not sorry!


We have many non vegan customers who buy our treats to share with their non vegan friends. They often sit back and wait for their friends to rave about how delicious the treats are, then surprise them with the news that they're vegan :)

At the end of the day, if it tastes great, anyone can enjoy it!

We even recently took out top prize for Best Vegan Milk Chocolate at the International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco <3

We run an all-vegan facility.

That means everything is dedicated to making vegan chocolate. From the machines we use, to the ingredients we buy, everything that crosses into our space is 100% vegan.

That means, unlike many non-vegan producers, when we make vegan chocolate, we mean it. The pipes of our machines aren't filled with dairy chocolate from a previous batch that's mixing with the vegan batch. Nope, just 100% vegan friendly chocolate for you to trust and enjoy, all the time!

So yes that creamy, rich, decadent treat you're eating happens to also be 100% vegan, all the time, no exceptions.

All of our products are free from animals and animal derived ingredients. This means we don't use dairy, eggs, gelatine, carmine, cochineal, shellac or other sneaky animal derived products. We are a 100% vegan business.


Couverture chocolate is a very high-quality chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter. When properly tempered by skilled chocolatiers, cocoa butter is what gives fine chocolate its beautiful shine, snap and silky mouthfeel.

Cooking chocolate (also known as compound or baking chocolate) has a lower percentage of cocoa solids and replaces some / all cocoa butter with vegetable oils to make the chocolate cheaper to produce. It's not as shiny as couverture chocolate and leaves an oily slick in the mouth.

At Treat Dreams, we only ever use real couverture chocolate to create your ethically sourced chocolate treats.

In principle, because sugar filled treats taste amazing!

Salad is awesome and treats are awesome. We happen to be talented at making treats, so that's what we do.

We believe in body autonomy and people making their own decisions about what to put into them. We believe when eating treats, they should be damn tasty! Because life is too short for bad chocolate - or body shaming <3

So eat all the treats, eat none, or some as part of a balanced diet. It's 100% up to you!

From a technical perspective, sugar also happens to be a great natural preservative to inhibit bacteria growth in confectionery, by reducing the aW (also known as unbound water content).

This allows us to make products with a long enough shelf life to transport them to stores with time for them to be sold locally. With that said, the shelf life of our products ranges from 3 - 9 months, so still less than many commercially available products which often offer up to 24 months.

Try the difference in our chocolate, you'll see what we mean!

Yes! We believe in decadent chocolates made using real couverture chocolate (meaning extra cocoa butter and no vegetable oil!) for shine, snap and silky smooth melt in your mouth sensational taste.

We use fair trade chocolate and direct trade chocolate to create smooth, rich chocolates that are socially responsible and delicious.

Retail chocolates 
Eating your chocolates when they're fresh is best for taste and texture. However if properly stored, you can follow the expiry date marked on your products (ranging from 3 - 9 months). We think you'll have eaten them before then though!

Custom chocolates
For ganache fillings, your chocolates will last 4-6 weeks, or for cream fillings they'll last 3-9 months. We think they'll be gone before then though!

Chocolate storage
For the best shelf life and shine, keep your chocolates between 18°C - 22°CThink of the same way you'd store red wine. Chocolate softens at 26°C and melts at 28°C, so choose a cool, dry and dark place like your pantry or any other cool place in your house.

Chocolate is sensitive and bon bons are the most sensitive of all. They don't like heat, light, water or temperature shocks and will soak up smells if left uncovered.

If you live in a warm area
Put chocolates in an airtight container or zip lock bag, then place in the fridge.
When you're ready to eat them, take out of the fridge and bring to room temperature for approx 1 hour (less on very warm days). Then enjoy!
Keep in mind that placing your chocolates in the fridge maybe remove some of their shine due to condensation.


Often, but it depends on your allergy.

All of the products we make are vegan.

However, we're legally unable to claim our treats are 100% allergen free due to making products containing allergens onsite. While we have many allergy customers (including our Head Chef's step mum!) and stockists, we ask you to consider your specific needs and comfort with traces before buying.

Each product page has a tab for 'ingredients' which lists all allergens for products.

We are a 100% vegan business.

That means we use products free from animals and animal derived ingredients. So you won't find us using dairy, eggs, gelatin, carmine, cochineal or other sneaky animal derived products. That goes for everything in the range!

We don't use dairy to make our chocolate, pastry or anywhere onsite.

Some of the chocolate we use is vegan accredited and produced on entirely vegan / dairy free lines.

Some of the chocolate we use is sourced from manufacturers who also produce dairy chocolate. This means we're obliged to tell you it may contain traces of dairy. They have supplied us with technical specifications of their allergen testing and we're satisfied with the results.

Thankfully more and more of our suppliers are catching on and planning to convert their factories to be vegan accredited, which involves building a separate warehouse with no shared ducting, doors etc.


Gluten free by ingredients:
The following items are gluten free by ingredients, but may contain traces as we also process gluten products on site:
- Creamy White, almond white chocolate bar
- Berries + Cream, almond milk chocolate with freeze dried berries
- Creamy Milk, almond milk chocolate bar
- Peanut Crunch, toasted peanuts + toffee in almond milk chocolate

We take a great deal of care when processing allergens, with thorough cleaning processes and separate machinery.

We're legally unable to claim our treats are coeliac friendly due to also producing products with gluten. While we have many coeliac customers (including our Head Chef's step mum!) and stockists, we ask you to consider your specific needs and comfort with traces before buying.

Varies, typically gluten free by ingredients:
These products change through the year, so please check the product page's ingredients tabs for the latest information for that batch.
- Boozy Bars, dark chocolate
- Limited Edition Bars, chocolate type varies each release.

Special note on glucose
The following products contain glucose derived from wheat:
- Caramel Bar and Bears, dark chocolate
- Cream Filled Bears and Eggs, dark chocolate

The glucose sugar used in our caramel and cream filled products is derived from wheat so may not suitable for coeliacs. The ppm remaining are under the amounts required for traces disclaimer, but we think it's nice to let you know anyway.
Learn more about what Coeliac Australia says about the suitability of sugar derived from wheat.

Not gluten free
- Cookies + Cream Bar, white chocolate

While our pastry menu evolves often, we always have gluten free options available. As with our chocolate above, these items are gluten free by ingredients but may contain traces as we also process gluten products on site.

Please see the ingredients tab on the product page which lists all allergens.

We use almonds as the base for our white and milk chocolate.

Nut free by ingredients products include:
- Cream Eggs
- Filled Bears
- Dark chocolate bars

Not nut free products include:
- All white and milk chocolate
- Limited edition products where nuts are shown in the ingredients and allergens tab

Many items in our pastry range are nut free.

Nut free
Unless the heading lists nuts, or it's from our gluten free range, it can be considered nut free.

Please see the ingredients tab on the product page which lists all allergens.

Contains nuts
All of our gluten free pastry is made with almond meal and should not be considered nut free.


Soy free
Our almond based white chocolate is soy free as it uses sunflower lecithin as the emulsifier:
- Creamy White
- Berries + Cream
- Select limited edition bars, please check the product page for ingredients and allergens.

Other white chocolate flavours may not be soy free due to inclusions, please check the packaging.

Not soy free
All dark and milk chocolate uses soy lecithin as an emulsifier.

Please see the ingredients tab on the product page which lists all allergens.

None. All of our pastry items include soy as an ingredient by default.

However custom celebration cakes can be made soy free on request.

The majority of our products are palm oil free, with some exceptions.

Palm oil free
- Limited Edition Mixed Bunnies
- Limited Edition Hazel Bunnies
- Filled Bears, caramel flavour
- Creamy White Bar, almond white chocolate bar
- Berries + Cream Bar, almond milk chocolate with freeze dried berries
- Creamy Milk Bar, almond milk chocolate bar
- Peanut Crunch Milk Bar, toasted peanuts + toffee in almond milk chocolate
- Caramel Filled Dark Bar,

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified oil
- Cream Filled Bears (filling)
- Cream Eggs (filling)
- Cookies + Cream, almond white chocolate bar (cookie crumbs)

None of our products are sugar free.

We use white (refined) sugar in all of our chocolate and a little coconut sugar (unrefined) in some chocolate.

We use white and/or brown (refined) sugar in all of our pastry.

Yes, sugar is vegan!
Sugar produced in Australia is automatically vegan as Australia doesn't use bone-char in manufacturing processes.

Bone-char sugar is an issue limited to the USA who still follow older style bone-char manufacturing processes at many sites.

Increasingly US producers are moving away from this process. However US sugar should be considered non-vegan unless otherwise stated.

In Australia, yes!

Sugar produced in Australia is automatically vegan as Australia doesn't use bone-char in manufacturing processes.

Bone-char sugar is an issue limited to the USA who still follow older style bone-char manufacturing processes.

Increasingly US producers are moving away from this process. However US sugar should be considered non-vegan unless otherwise stated.

We take allergies seriously and take precautions to ensure our items are allergy friendly so everyone can enjoy our food. However as our kitchen produces items using wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and soy, traces may remain.

Some of the precautions we take include processing our almond based chocolate on separate machinery, in a separate room, to help avoid cross contamination.

We also plan our production schedule so allergen based items like gluten or peanuts are done at the end of a run, with thorough washing and sanitation completed.

With that said, please consider the risk of traces remaining when deciding if you're comfortable eating our products for your allergy needs.

Australian made and owned

Yes, our local team make by hand in our high quality Rozelle production facility, just 4km out of Sydney CBD.

Yes, we're 100% Australian owned and operated, right here in Sydney Australia.

In short - both!

Wherever possible we use locally sourced ingredients such as our freeze dried fruits, nuts and other fillings and inclusions.

Our chocolate starts as fair trade and direct trade beans from farmers in warm climates near the equator. These beans are then converted into high quality couverture chocolate and shipped to us in Australia where we add a variety of locally sourced ingredients, many from small artisan producers.

Why not all local?
Australia doesn't have many producers of couverture chocolate yet. There are some who have started to but don't yet meet our sourcing criteria which considers a combination of vegan, taste, ethical beans, and both volume and consistency requirements.

We're looking forward to seeing this change as the Australian cocoa industry keeps developing!

Why do your products cost so much?

Farmers deserve a fair trade.

Cacao farmers deserve fair working conditions and fair prices for their labour and products. It's why we use fair trade chocolate + direct trade chocolate to create your treats.

It's a sad truth that many non fair trade chocolate farms have regularly been found to use poor practices such as child labour. Cacao farmers have often struggled to negotiate fair bean prices which leave their villages without funds to buy basic necessities such as water pumps.

Our luxury purchases at home aren't worth the impact they're having on farmers if this is the cost. Our society is better than this.

It's why our fair trade accredited chocolate and direct trade chocolate costs us more to buy than other options, but we believe it's more than worth it and will not compromise.

Real people make your products, and earn a living wage for their labour.

As an artisanal producer, we make our products by hand and employ skilled chocolatiers and pastry chefs who have honed their trade over many years. 

Some competitors in our space operate massive factories which provide significant savings by removing most of the human labour from processes.

Specialised plant based ingredients can cost us more to source.

Which is really sad for the animals that we value their lives less than a plant based ingredient! The ingredients we use are thoroughly researched to ensure their safety for vegans. 

We're confident you'll appreciate the time we put in to get your treats just right. But don't take our word for it - try them for yourself or check out our reviews on Facebook or Google.


Yes! Most of our chocolate is sold through Australian stockists.

Treat Dreams supports independent stockists all over Australia, and can supply international stores with freight forwarder arrangements.
Our stockists include e-commerce partners, independent and specialist grocers, health and bulk food stores or cafes with a dedicated retail presence.

We'd love to talk about stocking Treat Dreams chocolate in your store. Simply complete the wholesale chocolate application form and we'll be in touch within a week.

We'd love to talk. Simply complete the wholesale chocolate application form and we'll be in touch within a week. 

No, our pastry range is exclusively sold through Treat Dreams owned channels and no available as a wholesale offer.

We love wholesaling our chocolate, in large part, because it's shippable and can be on your doorstep quickly.

No, we don't offer drop shipping arrangements.


First - how awesome you are for caring enough to ask! High five for being a wonderful person who cares about giving great food to your vegan loved one. Massive (vegan) brownie points to you :)

Some of the cuisines that are easiest to work with are Tex Mex (try bean and rice burritos using Bio Cheese), Thai (use tofu and swap fish and oyster sauces for soy sauce + lime juice), Lebanese (falafel wraps with hummus) and Indian (so many great veggie curries!).

The good news is there are stacks of blogs with great recipes to help. When our Founder Lisette went vegan she used a lot of recipes from VegangelaOh She GlowsVegan Richa and One Green Planet

If you're based in Sydney you can even get premade vegan meals delivered to you! Check out Garden of Vegan and Galaxy Vegan.

Then for your desserts, we can help. Order online and we'll ship to you, or pick up pastry from us in Rozelle. our stockists are always ready to help too! We're not currently operating market stalls due to COVID, but look forward to seeing you again when it's safe to.

However you buy our treats, we're all about helping you choose treats everyone can enjoy. We swear no one will guess they're vegan - until your vegan loved one digs in!

Chances are they're nervous about how to approach it as well.

Sometimes this shows in them asking lots of questions, other times new vegans can experience apprehension or fear from their loved ones. This makes more sense when you remember that as a culture, so much of our bonding happens over meals. When someone chooses to eat differently, this can be confronting and feel like a rejection of family traditions.

Sadly this apprehension can present as ignoring your wishes or outright rejection which can be a crushing blow. 

We have an in depth blog post about navigating the waters coming soon. Watch this space! 

Let us know and we'll be in touch. It might also end up appearing here :)