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About Treat Dreams

Vegan chocolate that non-vegans love

Did you hear about that brand that took out silver for World's Best Milk Chocolate? A vegan chocolate bar placing second in a non-vegan competition?! Yup that was us!

Treat Dreams is an Australian vegan chocolate brand turning the chocolate world on its head.

Our all vegan chocolate has won over 25 international awards. Including World's Best Vegan Milk Chocolate and a stack of non-vegan chocolate awards.

Proving you don't need dairy for great tasting chocolate. 

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Taste tested by non vegans

If they can't tell the difference, it goes on the menu!

It's an approach that's working, based on the feedback of vegan and non-vegan customers alike.

When it comes to treats, we all want the best. The most decadent, delicious, over-the-top-amazing... using fine, happy, ethical chocolate.


Because you've quit dairy, not taste!

Treat Dreams bring decadence to ethical, dairy free, vegan chocolate.

We believe everyone deserves amazing chocolate. So we're over here making it for you. 


Legit chocolate, minus the animals

We know that great tasting food helps people make great choices for the animals!

When the taste, mouthfeel and quality is similar to what someone is used to, they’ll be more open to taking the vegan choice.

That's why it all starts with the very best, premium European couverture chocolate, expertly tempered for a shine, snap and silky smooth mouthfeel you'll love.

Ground to the finest microns, for the silkiest mouthfeel. Ever.


Happy chocolate = fairly traded chocolate

We use fair trade and direct trade chocolate, so you know farmers receive a fairer wage for their labour.

Fair trade premiums mean villages can invest in more sustainable farming practices and keep kids in school, instead of working farms.

Learn more about our happy, ethical, vegan chocolate.


Not raw and not sorry

Make it the silky, creamy, cocoa butter and real sugar filled life for us thanks!

You won't find cheap oils (that melt way too easily!), activated charcoal or false raw chocolate claims in our chocolate.

It's one of the things that sets us apart.


Yes, everything is vegan

Treat Dreams chocolate is 100% vegan chocolate. Be prepared to be overwhelmed... you can choose anything and know it's all vegan.

We're owned and run buy a vegan, for vegans and the ones they love. So when we say plant-based chocolate, you know it's truly plant-based... and always 100% vegan.


Locally handmade in Sydney Australia

Our vegan chocolate is made - by hand - in our high grade, dedicated vegan chocolate factory in Marrickville.

We're located right in the heart of Sydney's inner west, right by vegan-central Newtown. 


How it started: craving a vegan cream egg

After going vegan in 2014, our founder Lis craved a gooey filled vegan cream egg. So her partner Lindsay surprised her by making it a reality for Easter 2015!

They kept the secret under wraps in a friends kitchen, struggled with flimsy silicon moulds, and made them look (kind of!) tidy in their foil wrappers.

On Easter Sunday, they threw a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt for Lis and @vegangela to find... and a seed was planted to start vegan chocolate business.

Treat Dreams launched in November that year, and there's hasn't been a relaxed Easter since!

While the recipe has been improved a lot since that first batch (shhhh don’t tell Lindsay!), and the range has grown (a lot!), the idea that drives us is the same.

We believe in changing the world through happy chocolate. Where quitting dairy doesn’t mean quitting taste. Where every bite supports cacao farmers, animals and the planet.


How it's going: World's Best Vegan Chocolate

Treat Dreams - a local Australian vegan chocolate brand - has been awarded World's Best Vegan Chocolate and taken out Silver for World's Best Chocolate (yup, silver in a non-vegan competition!).

So if you're wondering if sweet dreams are made of these? The answer is yes. Treat Dreams is the Australian vegan chocolate brand you've been dreaming of.


Why dairy free and egg free?

There are two simple reasons:

  1. Founder Lisette is lactose intolerant and couldn't eat many of the treats produced by other makers.

    After spending 15+ years struggling with pain when eating dairy products, she eventually put 2 and 2 together on what caused it, becoming vegan in 2013-14. Lisette set about recreating treats in a way that maintained the classic taste.

  2. We love animals and want them to live their lives without being killed or tortured.

    We think animal sanctuary Edgar's Mission says it best with their quote: 'If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?'

Our focus is maintaining the rich, decadent tastes of non vegan treats, and replacing animal ingredients with plant based ones.

Because of this focus, our taste testing starts with non vegans. If they believe it tastes the same, it goes on the menu! 

For more information about veganism check out Vegan Easy.


Check out our FAQs page for answers to other questions including ordering and delivery.


ABN 32 609 580 896.