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Cream Eggs

The cream egg of your dreams

It's a Cream Egg, made for grown ups.

Silky, smooth, glorious dark chocolate, perfectly balances the sweet cream egg filling. It's the complexity you want, with a silky smoothness you'll love.

Features fair trade and direct trade chocolate, meaning fairer working conditions for farmers. Learn more about what makes happy chocolate.


A vegan creme egg?!

We call it a vegan Cream Egg around here!

You call it a vegan crème egg?! We call it vegan Cream Egg! Either way, it's direct from your dreams.


What does a vegan Cream Egg taste like?

It's an experience.

It starts with a look, taking in the beauty of the hand painted, signature splatter shell. So shiny. So beautiful. It's edible art.

You inhale the intoxicating smell of high quality dark chocolate. Is that... yes that's couverture chocolate. You can tell by how shiny it is.

You bite and chocolate cracks, giving way to the soft, gooey filling. A cream filled 'egg white and yolk'.

The sweetness hits, the dark chocolate starts to melt and balances it all out. You get it now, the difference a real chocolatier makes.